How to Order Prints

Ordering Prints

CounterPoint images can be ordered directly from this website. They will also be shown at some select art festivals, listed on the “Art Show Schedule” page.

Images are available in two different formats:


METAL: Editions of 25 (including all sizes)

The ink is actually bonded to the metal. This is done with a process called
"dye-sublimation." A paper print is made and then placed against a treated aluminum plate in a heat press. The heat and pressure causes the dyes in the print to vaporize. The dyes are then absorbed by the hot metal. After the dyes cool, they are permanently bonded beneath the surface of the aluminum sheet. The result is that the image is IN the metal, not ON the metal!

Attached to the back of the aluminum sheet is a 3/4 inch framework.This allows the piece to be suspended off the wall so that it appears to "float." A 24 x 32 print weighs only 5 pounds. Hanging is simple with all the hardware included. The surface can be easily cleaned with just a damp cloth. It arrives ready to hang. No additional framing or glass is needed.

24” x 32”: $795.

30: x 40: $995.

Prices for larger pieces upon request.

These prices include crating and shipping within the continental U.S.


MATTED PRINTS:  Editions of 100

These are high quality, archival prints.

Image is 14”x 18” in a 20”x 24” mat. This is a standard size, so ready-made frames are easily available at stores.


Prices include boxing and shipping within the continental U.S.


Feel free to contact us with any questions: 845-430-8388